Security (RSS) Feeds

Part of my duties, aside from breaking things, is to ensure that my management and teams are informed with current security events and happenings. Generally, these are in a presentation form and are encouraged to be a discussion as well as briefing. Quite frequently, I am asked what RSS feeds I subscribe to. While my list is not amazing nor has thousands of entries, it seems to work quite well. The idea behind this list was to condense the amount of subscriptions so that I was getting almost as much coverage as the 'mega lists' out there for security without…

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Why We Moved To Cloudflare

Ensuring our infrastructure is running smoothly and a few other concerns are always on the back of our minds here at 2016 was a big year for the team and me; we launched this site and a it's just been a fun adventure since. During this time, we've been harassed and DDoS'd many times. Due to this, we transitioned our systems to [redacted] to try and offload DDoS as well as do some moderate content caching, as they also provided CDN capabilities. $20USD/month was [redacted]'s price. Not bad, really. Unfortunately, we came into a…

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