Below is a list of things I've done/have worked with or am still working on:

  • PLC Research (Status: ACTIVE)
  • Currently conducting security research on various Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Medical Device Research (Status: ON HOLD)
  • Preparing lab for performing security research on medical devices such as insulin pumps, pacemakers, morphine pumps, etc...
  • Hack The Pentagon
  • Participated in bug bounty for finding vulnerabilities within specific Pentagon-hosted web applications
  • Tumblr Bug Bounty
  • DaVinci Intelligence (Project status: ACTIVE)
  • Intelligence gathering tool to assist in discovering social connections and more!
  • iMessage Preview Research (posted on this site)
  • Discovered that iMessage Previews connect directly to URLs sent to another person
  • Published how iMessage Previews pull metadata and how it can be used in Social Engineering attacks
  • This site! :D
  • This site is all self-hosted

Aside from these projects, I work both as a penetration tester and security researcher; I keep myself busy with projects. This is a living page, so content may change from time to time.