Good Morning Readers,

I know that I have not exactly been the most active blogger...I'm working on it.

While I may not have been active, that does not mean that I would ignore my annual holiday message. I would like to wish all of you an amazing and wonderful Christmas. To those already celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful and safe Chanukah.

Things have been insane over job, new home, and working on being a better me.

What would a holiday message be without a gift?

I have always wanted to have a list of enumerated Amazon S3 buckets. Knowing how the world works, that means that someone else must want one. I have been working on just that. For now, it is extremely crude, however, I am working to improve it.

Here is your holiday gift, a searchable list of enumerated S3 Buckets:

Picture of it:

See you all soon. :-)