Interested in getting in touch with me? Below are a few channels that you can get ahold of me:

I'll respond to most legitimate communications. At the bottom of the page, you will find things that I won't respond to.

Twitter: protoxin_

My DMs are open. Please note that I may not get to right away.

XMPP/Jabber: [email protected]

If you prefer XMPP, I'm available on there as well. I don't always monitor it.

OTR Fingerprint: 5636277E F0DBDE48 00AD5064 AB2865D6 71DDAC6D


Keybase supports encrypted chat.

What I will respond to
  • I'm generally pretty open to what I will talk about. I welcome plenty of want to talk about philosophy and history? That's awesome and I may respond.
  • Press...maybe. Depends on the inquiry. You will generally receive a "no comment" if I am not going to answer. Please respect my "no comment" response and do not continue to press for answers.
  • I work on a lot of random stuff; hearing about your project is cool to me.
What I will not respond to
  • Hacking requests
  • Partnership inquiries
  • Political banter. I'm not interested in how much you love or hate whatever person, senator, congressman, or president.
  • Continued contact (if I don't respond, I may be busy. Don't spam me if I can't get to you right away)
  • Requests to link to content
  • Promotion requests