Brief Update

I know it's been quite some time since my last post...I assure you that I am working on a bunch of things.

Aside from projects, it is infosec conference season and I have been busy attending. Once things cool down a bit and I get more lab and research time, I'll get some more content up :D

Myself and my team will be at various conferences. Below is a list where either myself and/or team members will be:

  • July 21 - July 23: HOPE (NYC)
  • July 30 - August 4: Black Hat USA (Vegas)
  • August 2 - August 3: BSides Vegas (Vegas)
  • August 3 - August 6: DEF CON (Vegas)
  • October 11 - October 14: SAINTCON (Provo, Utah)

*Dates/conferences are subject to change.

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